Fabulous Wedding Day Toast Hit List Ideas!

One of the most important and beautiful memories on your Wedding Day is the moment when all your guests come together to pay you their fully undivided attention and cherish you both with the utmost love.

It’s the only brief period of time where the ‘Bride and Groom’ will unify each and every person in the room in one single moment – The Magical Wedding Day Toast.

Whether you’ve chosen a toasting format that is pre-planned, a little off the cuff, religious, funny or deeply sentimental; one thing’s for sure – everyone needs a good quality drink to toast with. Cheers to that!

The best thing is, when your loved ones raise their glass to a lifetime of love and happiness; it no longer needs to be bound by traditional composition.

That’s right!

The modern-day Wedding is all about doing things a little differently, being true to yourself, adding your personal style, being a little quirky and building your ‘ideal’ day the way you want to.  The way you will enjoy and feel most happy.

So why toast with a glass of Champers just because it’s the way it’s always been done before?

Of course, if Champagne is a traditional ‘must-have’ for the Big Day, then naturally go with it!

But, if it’s not so ideal for your personality, then take a look at these great ‘Wedding Day Toasting Ideas’ that are fabulously trending right now;

The Signature Cocktail.

The most current and fashionable idea to make a marked impression on your special day – one that won’t be forgotten. The Signature Cocktail is a great option for those wanting to match up with their Wedding style theme or colour coordination…

Are you having a hot summer destination wedding? Like here on the island of Ibiza.  Make your signature cocktail full of fresh summer local fruits like watermelon or perhaps add a dry martini to the party with an olive garnish if you ́ve opted for a more simple green rustic styling and decor.

Perhaps give your cocktail its own personal name or add your guests names to a swizzle stick; and wow you’ve got something completely unique to bring to the Wedding table.

Your Personal Favorite.

Your wedding day is about you both as a couple. Why not opt for toasting with a tipple that you both really enjoy?

Perhaps you are true-to-the-soul cider fanatics and yoúve chosen a rustic wedding style to match your country cider style personalities.  Is it possible to grab something locally sourced or a cider that´s a little rarer to find?

Perhaps, you could go the extra mile and gift everyone with a traditional cider mug. They can use it for their cider refills throughout the evening and take home a non conventional ‘wedding day souvenir’.

The Shot.

‘Take a Shot & Take a Seat’ what an amazing theme to get your guests seated ready for all those speeches.  Have your bar team organise shot servings of a range of various spirits or even combinations for those ‘cocktail style shots’ and let your guests take their pick.

The Shot might not be everyone’s idea of fun – opposed to the classic “Champagne”,  but it’s your day after all, so if you love it, stick with it.

Nonalcoholic Options

Offer nondrinkers (and those not of age) a ‘cool’ alternative too.  Put your requests into your bartender or mixologist team to ensure there are a range of nonalcoholic versions of your signature cocktail, shots or whatever alcoholic beverage you choose. Think a Fresh Pink Lemonade, Virgin Mary, Mocktails, or a Soft Shot comprised of fresh smoothies and juices.

You can combine your alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks into the same colour scheme or theme of your wedding as per your signature cocktail or shot.  The choices are really quite limitless.

Whatever you decide, remember your wedding day should reflect you and your personal style.  You can stick to those traditional wedding themes, be as fancy, casual or creative as you like.  No rules apply. But toasting with a great memorable drink at hand will definitely make an amazing Wedding Day impact for each and everyone.

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