Is Your Bar Becoming More Eco-Friendly?

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Living is more than a burning issue right now!

Most of us understand there is a widespread problem with Global Warming, Carbon Footprints and Plastic Pollution! But, how many people are really aware of the damaging statistics? How many people are actually knowledgeable about living in an environmentally friendly way? How can people realistically achieve day to day eco-friendly living?

At the risk of sending out a little education to the world. Lets define ‘a sustainable lifestyle’. To put it simply, it means to live intentionally. To intentionally live in such a way where we protect our planet and the environment through our daily choices and practices as individuals, businesses and communities!

So, how can businesses in the bar industry do ‘our’ part to become more environmentally friendly?

For sure, business owners and bartenders alike need to think with a little more imagination to work in a sustainable way. But, the good news is that there are more than enough ways to ensure we are cutting down on our waste and improving as eco-friendly citizens.

Let’s take a look at some really small but effective improvements that ‘The bar Ibiza’ and others in the industry have started to implement to work towards a more environmentally friendly future;

Eliminate Plastic Straws

Perhaps the easiest step you can take is to get rid of plastic straws. Some bars are now shifting to wheat grass, bamboo or vegware biodegradable straws. Which are way way better for the environment. Some bars in fact have gone to the extent of completely eradicating straws – certainly a cost effective option. Alternatives to plastic straws is a little bit more expensive but we certainly feel it’s worth the extra outlay!

Recycle and Upcycle

Recycling should be a pretty standard practice for today’s society. Naturally, all of our glass, plastics and cans are separated and recycled as per our local recycling requirements. However, shameful to say not every bar is as proficient, especially in many big cities and busy venues. Needless to say, it really is not a good enough excuse. Simple changes make a big difference. Recycling makes a big difference.

We have also consciously been buying in recycled serviettes for our bar and only supply them to customers upon request or with a drink where it may be absolutely necessary, similar to our straws. Our ‘mobile bars’ are all flat packable and are made only from reclaimed wood. Just another but simple decision which makes us a little more kinder to our environment.

Change your purchasing cycle to reduce your carbon footprint

Your carbon footprint is all that transportation movement where carbon is released into the atmosphere from the distance between your suppliers and you!

We get it’s not always an easy one to think about. We know the multitude of Limes for cocktails have a massive impact on our carbon footprint – arriving from Brazil to Europe. So, we try to ensure we use as much local produce as possible. Fortunately for us, we live in Ibiza. This means that many (obviously not all) products such as lemons grow in abundance on the island and so our carbon footprint in some matters are minimised.

But, what if your not inhabiting an area where any good quality produce is locally available? Could you choose to use local seasonal fruits for your cocktails instead? Again, you need to get creative. However, it could result in your bar getting a little extra credit from your unique and bespoke drinks menu. Where possible we try to push for unique drinks menus that are in season e.g. watermelons, which are great for refreshing summer cocktails and grow on our doorstep; so by encouraging punters to have something different to the ‘Mojito’ – it helps us reduce the number of limes we use and thus our carbon footprint, but also a huge cost!

Wherever your bar. Whatever your bar style. Just making one small decision to eliminate plastic straws can be your initial step on a long journey to eco-sustainability. And believe us, it will have a huge impact on the planet if each and every bar, restaurant or facility selling drinks had the same ethos!

Now the only question that remains is: why aren’t more and more businesses and individuals thinking the same? What is your bar doing to ensure an eco-friendly attitude?

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