Where To Drink Mezcal In Mexico

Five of the Best Mezcalerias to Visit in Mexico

Legend has it that in a pre-Spanish Mexico, a lightning bolt struck down on the sacred agave, releasing its juice from the heart of the plant, becoming known as the ‘elixir of the gods’. At The Bar Ibiza we can’t think of a better tale for one of our beloved distilled liquors, making the strong, smoky mezcal tequila all the more intriguing to us! Now we dig into the best mezcalerias in Mexico, because, as the saying goes, ‘Para todo mal, mezcal, y para todo bien, también.’

La Lavenderia, Mexico City

This cozy, tucked away bar is found in the heart of Mexico City’s Roma borough, and is devoted to honouring mezcal. La Lavenderia gets rave reviews from patrons in all areas: great ambiance, good music, mouth-watering cocktails, and knowledgeable staff! Get educated on the different types of mezcal while you sip on yours, mixed with tasty traditional Mexican ingredients.

Archivo Maguey, Oaxaca

A unique menu can be found at Archivo Maguey, from the creative cuisine to the long list of mezcals, with symbols indicating their flavours to assist you in choosing your selection. This fun, contemporary bar sometimes hosts live music, and includes a patio to drink and escape to, for those warm Mexican nights.

Pasito Tun Tun, Tulum 

Located in town, Pasito Tun Tun is a low-key, rustic mezcaleria that is worth venturing from the beach to. Enjoy some of their delicious mezcal cocktails (mezcal gin, anyone?!) in their relaxing seating areas, or dance with one in your hand when the sun goes down and the live music brings out your inner funk.

Silverio Mezcal Bar, Cancun

It seems the best mezcal bars are found off the beaten path, and Cancun’s Silverio Mezcal Bar is one of them. This fairly new bar not only has all the mezcal for indulging, but it breaks away from the commercialised music scene, playing host to house and techno Djs if you fancy a night to get lost to.

Mezcaloteca, Oaxaca

Oaxaca is the home of mezcal, and a place like Mezcaloteca is perfect for first-timers and avid-drinkers alike! There is a lot of knowledge to be gained at this mezcaleria, even if you think you already know a thing or two. Book a reservation in advance, and dive into the extensive list of mezcals for tasting.

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